Does Skin Tag Removal Hurt?

What are skin tags?

A skin tag is a tiny, harmless, out-pocketing of skin that is normally linked to the underlying skin by a slim stem. Skin tags look like little specks of “hanging” skin and usually take place in areas where clothing rubs against the skin or where there is skin-to-skin abrasion, such as the underarms, neck, upper chest, and groin.

Skin tags are not existent at birth and their occurrence enhances with age. Skin tags are present in about 25% of adults. Research has shown an inherited tendency to the expansion of skin tags. For that reason, skin tags are known to run in families.

What causes skin tags?

Overall, skin tags are alleged to progress due to friction between close areas of skin or between clothing and skin. Because of the increased skin-to-skin interaction, skin tags are more common in people that are overweight. While skin tags can occasionally be present in children, they are inclined to increase as you get older and are for the most part widespread in older people.

Research conducted has suggested that hormonal changes of pregnancy can, in addition, arouse the growth of skin tags, particularly during the second trimester of pregnancy. It is important to know that skin tags are not cancers. Any diagnoses of skin cancers appearing in skin tags are extremely rare.


End result?

So why are removing skin tags a good idea? Well once skin tags are removed they are gone for good, as they will never come back in the same area. But if you are prone to skin tags know that they can appear anywhere on the body. In order to remove the skin tag, the area is numbed with a topical anesthetic for about 10-15 minutes before the removal process begins.


Overall, marking the wart’s blood supply can direct to a weakening of the lesion so that it won’t reappear again. In order to reduce tenderness and taking into consideration of the size/number of areas to be treated, your esthetician can use a topical, anesthetic, ice pack or cooling gel that would be placed on your skin following the procedure.


Depending on the size and number of skin tags being nursed, many people will recuperate within a week to ten days with minimal to no scarring. The great news is that you will probably be able to return to work and your everyday schedule the day following your procedure.


Know that you don’t have to accept having unpleasant skin tags. At Mederm Esthetics & Laser in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Concord, Richmond Hill and all over the GTA, know that your precise treatment approach for warts, moles or skin tags will vary on your individual evaluation with one of our professionals.