What you don’t know about skin tags

Many people are prone to getting skin tags in the span of their life, but in reality, not many people know a lot about them. Sadly, when we want to remove a skin tag, we don’t know the reason behind their appearance and if they can be removed securely. Thinking that a skin tag will go away on its own is a common misconception.

Will skin tags disappear on their own?

Once skin tags develop, they won’t disappear on their own. Even though they are usually small in size, they can increase in size if you choose not to remove them. But thankfully the cause of skin tags aren’t normally linked with health-related issues and in addition are not life-threatening.

But their emergence may come as a surprise to you if you’ve never had one. You’ll be happy to learn that you can treat skin tags and removing them will be of assistance in reducing the chance that they will reappear. Since skin tags are not dangerous or painful this is why most people don’t even realize that they have them. Usually, they are only seen when they are in a visible spot.

Can a skin tag increase in size?

For those who suffer from skin tags, a common question people might ask is why is my skin tag growing quickly? If you find that a skin tag is increasing in size at a rapid pace, because it produces fluid in the tag. So getting a skin tag treatment that can stop the blood flow is crucial. Electrocautery has the capability to burn and cut off the skin tag using a heat current. Doing this will stop it from getting any bigger, and it will begin to shrink its size as there’s no blood flowing to it. The process of electrocautery entails eliminating skin tags with a heated instrument. The heated instrument comes in contact with the skin tag so that it can burn the cells and therefore stopping their growth. The affected area is also treated with anesthetic (depending on the patient), which numbs the skin tag and area of the body.

It doesn’t matter if you have only one skin tag or a bunch since as mentioned they won’t just ‘disappear’ all of a sudden. So can skin tags fall away once they’ve been treated? Absolutely! For a skin tag to fall off, it must be removed from blood and oxygen, which can happen through electrocautery. The affected area will form a scab and it will fall off within 7 to 21 days. Once the tag has been removed it will never grow back in the same place. But if you are prone to them it will grow back in a different place. Normally, an esthetician will handle the skin tag by cauterizing the blood circulation at the stem, or the bottom of the skin tag.

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